What's In My Pantry?

If this were a vlog or fancy home cooking show, this would be the point at which the catchy jingle plays. You know, like a pretty little ding and then a chorus of voices all "what's in my pantryyyyyy tonight, Sonja?" (and then a kitten enacting cartoon violence).

Five points to Ravenclaw if you got that reference!*

Today I'd like to share with you guys a run-down of the items I typically keep on hand in my pantry/fridge. My typical groceries. I find I'm always very interested in this sort of thing when perusing other blogs/cookbooks - it's good to get an idea of ingredient staples so mealtimes don't become such guesswork, and more of a combining of favorites. And of course so I always have items on hand to make yummy goodies!

Pantry #1

Nut Butters, always plural (Please don't fall over from shock)
Organic Publix applesauce, unsweetened
Raisins/Amazins/Dried fruit
Almonds or other nuts
Pasta & pasta sauce (gluten free; good for a quick dinner)
Brown rice/quinoa/sweet potatoes
Vitamins (C and D) & probiotic capsules
Canned beans (garbanzo, black beans)
Organic honey, preferably raw
Canned soup for another quick dinner option (Amy's or Wolfgang Puck's)

Not fully pictured (there's a section above & underneath)
Pantry #2 (shared with my roomies)

My tea collection
Cereal (Whole O's, Honey Rice Puffins)
Rolled oats
Oil (Canola/Veggie/Olive)
Spices (Cinnamon's my fave!)
Himalayan Pink Salt
Gluten-free flour
Agave nectar
Baking soda/powder, cocoa powder
Chocolate chips :)


Almond milk, unsweetened
Greens, greens, greens (spinach, salad mix, kale, swiss chard)
Any fruits or veggies that are on sale/in season/catch my eyes
Hummus (usually Sabra classic, occasionally I make my own)
Earth Balance vegan butter spread
Firm tofu, tofu noodles
Apple Cider Vinegar
Balsamic Vinaigrette

Veggie burgers/patties
Frozen veggies
Frozen berries

And that's the basics, folks. Soon I'll put up a post about my typical day-to-day eats so you can get an idea of just what I make out of all these goodies! I tend to repeat meals a lot once I find something I like, but it is neat how many different things I can make out of that (relatively) short list above.

What are some of your pantry must-haves?

*See The Most Awesome Late Night Show Host Ever. Points not exchangeable for Slytherin, Gryffindor, or Hufflepuff credit.


  1. Is there a brand of veggie burgers that you like? I want to buy some next time I go grocery shopping but I don't know which ones are best

    1. I've been experimenting to try and find the best ones, but Morningstar always makes a good product. Their chikin patties are awesome.

  2. Ok I'll get those then!! Thanks=)