New Nuts

Hazelnuts, that is.

The Product: Justin's Chocolate Hazelnut Butter. It's basically an all-natural vegan answer to Nutella - a product that most people with a pulse adore. I've tried Justin's Maple Almond Nut Butter in the past and adored it, so I was pretty excited to try another variety, especially one with chocolate in the title.

Even so, I am a cheapsie college student (and jars run 8-9 dollars, eep!) so I only bought the sample packet. As you can see from the rather attractive picture of me above nomming on it. Do you like my robe? I wear it all the time. Really.

The Verdict: I tried it on toast, but do you see what I ended up doing? Just slurping it straight out of the package. It was delicious. I would say a lot like Nutella except a tad less sweet (a plus in my book, since Nutella always felt like more of a dessert than a spread for sandwiches and such) and the texture was a little less smooth. That's fairly normal with naturally processed nut butters, so nothing I wasn't expecting. It still spread wonderfully on the toast. All in all, a great buy! I'll probably splurge for a jar very soon...

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