Insta-Foods Take Four

yes I only do these when I am running out of time for anything else




  1. Blended PB & Banana Oatmeal - a very typical breakfast of mine, especially on chilly mornings.
  2. Endangered Species Chocolate Bars: Turtle (dark w/ blueberries) and Lemur (dark w/ raw cacao nibs) - been craving them for awhiiiile. Noms.
  3. Vegan strawberry cupcake, made & consumed for V-Day.
  4. Vegan strawberry pancakes! Had to use up those strawberries somehow ;)
  5. A salad of mixed greens, olives, tomatoes, snap peas and hummus/apple cider vinegar dressing, topped with black beans.
  6. My rainy day treat to myself: a grilled banana-almond butter-apricot jam sandwich.
  7. Cucumbers, carrots, green beans, & homemade brown rice chips - all for an excuse to eat a ton of hummus, of course!
  8. Seasoned black beans on a bed of spinach and quinoa. With a side glass of carrot juice that I'd already consumed most of...along with a slice of Ezekial bread toast (I am loving Ezekial bread right now) coated in apricot jam.

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