The Bakery Dream

I think it's about time we talk about something:

The Bakery.

The Bakery is very special to me. To own and operate The Bakery is my dream. More specifically, it's the dream of my hometown bestie, Liz (you know, staunch supporter of carrot juice) and myself.

The Bakery has a real name, but I'm afraid that's top secret for now. Don't want it squirreled away from us before we can even begin!

Liz and I, after having re-created The Portal Cake in delicious German Chocolate form.

Liz and I have been friends and baking partners for some time now, and we've known each other since eighth grade (we're both college juniors currently). It wasn't until about senior year of high school The Bakery Dream began to be realized, however. 

Our brie-apple tarts avec a sprig of mint.

We love to bake. For ourselves, for family, for fun: nearly every time we get together (and that's a lot, when we're both at home visiting parents) we make something delicious. We enjoy both creating our own recipes based on cravings and tackling more complex ones like tiramisu, biscotti, and souffles.

One of our favorite go-to treats is pie, particularly apple or strawberry.

We'll make anything. Cupcakes, candy, cookies, tarts...

Fancy pear, white wine, and caramel...things?

We've even made Grace Helbig's sweet weenies for a fun experiment. 
Spoiler alert: they're awesome.

Whatever you want, we want to have at our bakery. The idea is to own the bakery together later in lives, after each of us has sampled our respective careers. It's sort of...the perfect way to settle down, in our eyes.

Maybe some day we'll even be on cupcake wars! Keep an eye out ;)

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