Introduction Post

Hi, I'm Sonja.

And I am apparently the natural food of the sorting hat in the wild.
It's alright. I'm not mad at you, sorting hat.
I've been reliably informed (by mosquitoes) that I'm delicious.
And you put me in Ravenclaw just like I wanted.

Anyways, someone once asked me to describe myself in less than ten words. I promptly said something like, "What, now? Oh my gosh it's like the internet. Wee!" And that's all you need to know.

Just kidding. In summary, I'm a 20 year old college student (theatre major, focus stage management) who loves her friends & family, theatre, horses, food, and the internet. D'uh.

And if you asked me point blank what my five favorite things are?

Nut butters, post-it notes, tea, new kitchen appliances, and unicorns.

Shh, don't question. Just believe.

I realize that three out of the five things are (or have something to do with) food.

Well, potentially four, but there are some things even a foodie won't touch.

But that just brings me to the main point of this blog: food. I love food. I will try almost anything. Or I would have. Because thing is? This new year, I'm on a quest. A rather...vegan quest.

Long story short, I faced a lot of health and digestive problems last semester. College is hard on you and your body, and I realized I really had to start taking better care of myself. Now, I was never an unhealthy eater per-say, but I could certainly do better. So - slowly and surely, I'm cutting out meat and dairy products and replacing them with a healthy but flavorful mostly-vegan diet. I believe in listening to my body, so if my body says it wants some fish, or some milk chocolate...well, who am I to refuse?

I'm gonna document my journey here as much as possible, in the hopes that it will aid, inspire, and even entertain other college students (or anybody!) looking to obtain optimal health in their lives. Without sacrificing the yummy, of course. 

Hope you enjoy!


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