Carrot Juice

Can I introduce you to one of my very good friends?

Odwalla's organic is my favorite brand, but Boathouse is a good (read: cheaper) alternative.

People of the internet, meet Mr. Carrot Juice. Good Sir Juice has been my very tasty and healthy companion over the last few weeks. My colonics doctor recommended this to me over winter break for the health benefits, and though I'd never had it straight carrot before (as a child I loved Vruit's carrot-apple juice) I immediately stopped by Whole Foods and bought a half-gallon of Odwalla's organic carrot juice.

It helped that my sweetie hometown bestie, Liz, had recently bought a juicer and was already raving about the fresh carrot juice she'd been consuming by the barrel. Liz and I have extraordinarily similar tastes.

So I dove in, confident I would like it.

I love it. Carrot juice is so smooth but not thin, with a refreshing natural sweetness. Give me a cup and it's gone in minutes - I can't help it! It's truly a fabulous drink, with so many benefits, including:

  • Improvement of the function/detoxification of the liver & digestive tract
  • Rich in vitamins & minerals such as vitamin E, vitamin A, potassium, and beta-carotene
  • It is a very calorie-light juice that needs no added sugar
  • It is good for the skin and has anti-aging properties
  • It's delicious!

It's also a great addition to my favorite banana apple smoothie!

Delicious. A perfect pick-me-up while doing homework, as you can see in the background...

Well, I'd better get back to that, I suppose! Happy healthy drinking!

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