Nut Butters: Nature's Gift to Me

PB & Co's White Chocolate Wonderfall Peanut Butter

Or is it George Washington Carver's gift? Is that a myth? (I don't know, Mythbusters doesn't do that kind of stuff and that's where I get my reliable myth-related info) Well, whoever invented nut butters, they're like...my hero.

My current Nut Butter collection. Please excuse the naked Barney almond butter on the end - it recently got cleaned out ;)

I love nut butters. All kinds. Almond's my particular favorite, but I'm also addicted to Peanut Butter & Co's line of amazing flavored peanut butters. I've also tried soy butter (err...not for me) and sunflower seed butter (good!). There's a "grind your own nut butter" machine at my local health food store that I am itching to try it out - maybe make my own first taste of cashew butter?

Seriously though, this stuff is goooood. I love putting it on my gluten-free toast for breakfast or a snack, or stirring it into my morning bowl of oats (PB & Co's Cinnamon Raisin variety is heavenly in oatmeal). Occasionally I will just eat it straight off the spoon. It's one of my little indulgences, aside from a serious case of chocolate lovin' every now and then.

Because let's admit: while I eat my nut butters gluten-free, vegan, and as all-natural and sugar-light as possible...they're not exactly your typical fruits et legumes (fruits and veggies. Gotta find some way to use my college French!). I strive not to make this a daily indulgence, since I could easily overeat this stuff. Still I believe that once in awhile...you should make your tongue happy! 

What are some of your favorite indulgences?


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