No, not automatic food. Though that would be great, speaking as a busy student. Or, you know, a person.

I thought I'd share with you two things today: a quick overview of some of the recipes I've had over the past few weeks (sans meat) and my intense love for Instagram. Instagram is a free app on the iPhone that makes pictures awesome. It's true. Try it.





1. Chickpea burgers, adapted from a recipe by one of my favorite blogs, Itty Bits of Balance.

2. A lotsa-fruit smoothie. Papaya, mango, frozen mixed berries, apple, and a splash of almond milk.

3. A totally vegan (well, besides the shaved chocolate) PB & 'Nanner pudding pie from my Peas & Thank You cookbook.

4. Nutella sandwich (Christmas) cookies. Yes.

5. Sweet potato & purple cabbage with tamari (wheat-free soy sauce) and tofu noodles. 

6. Eggplant parmesan made for me by my amazing mother the day before I left to come back to college. 

As you can see, cutting out meat definitely hasn't been hard on my foodie self. It's cheese I'm having a harder time letting go of...such a hard time...did I mention I'm from Wisconsin? Ugh, I know. The tragedy is killing me too.

Dramatics aside, it is difficult to suddenly change the very foods you think of as staples. I won't lie. But for me, it's been a worthwhile journey. And it's led not only to feeling better but to new food discoveries that I love, which is always a great thing.

Happy food gawking!


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