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Just the word makes me want to start singing "these are a few of my favorite things..." at the top of my little lungs. But I won't, because I am in general a respectful roommate.

I'll just wait until I'm in the theatre building.

Anyway, we're here to talk about tea. The wonderful beverage that inspired the name of this blog. Some people are 70 % water. I'm 70% tea. I drink at least six cups a day. And not just straight black tea for the caffeine my friends, oh no. 

Would you like to see my tea collection?

From before Christmas:

And after:

I know, I know. I'm dangerously low.

Seriously, I love the stuff. Especially in the colder winter months, but honestly I could have it any time. I like it iced too - there was a period when I'd ask every single waiter whether the restaurant had raspberry iced tea when I went out to dinner. This was before I was a cheap college student and only ordered water, of course. 

And I love nearly every variety too - chai, green, English breakfast, peppermint, chamomile, an array of herbal creations...you can't disappoint me with tea. You just can not. I carry emergency tea packets in my purse.

Tea is the food to my soul. And yes, I'm drinking some right now.

So, what are some of your favorite kinds of tea?



  1. Stock up chica! The tea packets in the purse is a great idea.

    Black and red teas are my fancy (as you already know). Iced green tea is always in our fridge and I am currently on a black pomegranate kick.

    P.S. Love the blog! Added it to my list on bloglovin.com anddddd will get workin on that banner for ya ;) <3

    1. Mmm, black pomegranate sounds delicious!

      Thanks so much <3 and really, you're fantastic ;D