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Sushi is awesome. I've not always liked it, but taste buds change and now it's almost a constant craving. Since I couldn't stomach even the idea of raw fish, I've always stuck to either veggie, tofu, or smoked salmon rolls. This made it an easy food to continue eating after I cut out meat, since veggie rolls are delicious! I've tried a few different sushi places, and sometimes the veggies combos are a little sparse and disappointing (read: only cucumber, carrot, and avocado at one place. Um, what? I paid five dollars for this roll!).

But I recently visited a cafe downtown with my friends, and this was by far the best veggie roll I've ever had.

Beautiful presentation, too. Except for at the end where I already dug in. Oops!
This roll was stuffed with veggies - avocado, carrot, cucumber, AND asparagus plus two veggies I couldn't actually place. One was soft, brownish, and sweet but I don't think it was onion and the other was, I think, some type of pickled Japanese veggie.

I apologize for my inadequate knowledge in these areas. My brain often eats before it inspects...

Two of my friends also sampled different types of sushi and were very pleased, while Laurie (who'd previously been to the restaurant) ordered a stir-fry she already knew she loved.

My friend Jess had the lobster mac and cheese:

Needless to say, she loved it.

I didn't sample it myself of course, but it looked way more delicious than my iPhone camera gives it credit for.

All in all, a very pleasant experience. I hadn't dined out in awhile due to both budgeting and my dietary issues so it was great! I'd been super nervous that I would find an appropriate vegan option but all was well :)

What are some of your favorite foods when going out to eat?


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