Insta-Foods Take Two





1. Vegan grilled cheese with tomatoes, using Daiya cheddar shreds and Genius gluten-free bread (free thanks to an Earthfare deal).

2. Purple cabbage, sweet potato, and pea stir-fry since I had lots of purple cabbage to use up. A little depleted cuz I sort of started eating before remembering to take a photo...oops!

3. Carrot-apple-banana smoothie in my lovely mason jar :)

4. Date stuffed with cinnamon raisin peanut butter - I put nut butter wherever I can! I got the idea from Healthful Sense.

5. Honey-rice Puffins with almond milk, sliced 'nanner, cinnamon, and a drizzle of honey - yumm. I love trying a new cereal. Bonus: this one's nice and crunchy and gluten-free!

6. Amy's Organic black bean vegetable soup with corn tortilla chips ~ perfect winter dinner.

7. My roommate's pumpkin chocolate chip bread. So. Delicious. The only non-vegan item pictured, but she made it herself! I had to indulge.

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